Sacramento seeks $300,000 worth of Toughbooks

SMUD, which rhymes with FUD but stands for the Sacramento Municipal Utility District, wants you to bid to supply it with $300,000 worth of Toughbook CF-52 laptops and accessories.

You’ve got until the 14th of April to come in with your tender for a blanket purchase order or persuade them that you’ve something better to offer.

 The details are in this devilish document, here. ♣

One response to “Sacramento seeks $300,000 worth of Toughbooks

  1. Here in Seattle, Paul Allen’s Vulcan is developing the South Lake Union area of town. It pushed hard, and finally got the city help pay for a trolley line running to the center of town from there. Note I said trolley. That was the spin to make it sound cuter than a streetcar. So just as it was finished, they noticed the acronym for “South Lake Union Trolley”. Now Vulcan calls it a streetcar. I don’t…

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