Intel’s Sean Maloney shows off, er, Via nanobook

A PRESENTATION FROM Intel’s recent analyst meeting had Mr Sean Maloney of this parish showing off the Atom, soon to be the centre of a marketing blitz.

The unfortunate thing is that after dilating on the “new” category of “Netbooks”, Sean proudly showed off a page from Computerwoche on slide 38 of this presentation which seems to be, a er Via Nanobook.

Shorely shome mishtake?♥

6 responses to “Intel’s Sean Maloney shows off, er, Via nanobook

  1. Slide 47’s my fave.

  2. Nice one Mike, like the blog! xx

  3. Nice picture of Varanasi, Mike. :)

    I spent a few weeks there in the summer of ’99.

  4. There’s a better one at – Autumn last year. The temple slid down the side of the ghats after an earthquake. It’s still used when the water subsides….

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