Guy Kewney spins conspiracy theory about INQster

AN INQUISITIVE Guy Kewney wants to know what I’m up to and can’t wait to find out. All he needs to do is give me a bell and I’d tell him – we’ve known each other for a long time.

Guy has decided to think the INQster is flattering me as a way of fending off competition in the future. Which assumes that I’m launching Rogister III. Which I’m not.

Guy said he’d talked to “a nervous sounding Inqling” – most probably Paul Hales of that yard, who told me yesterday he’d had a weird phone call from the Kewnster suggesting there were coded messages passing between the INQ and this Volesoft bog.

Heck, I’m still writing stuff for the INQster and for Fudzilla for that matter, and for CPU Magazine in the States.  Here there be no mysteries.

Curiously, I first met Paul Hales on a boat in Marlow along with a geezer called John Barnes when they were both editorial assistants. When I left Incisive at the end of February, my boss was John Barnes and Halesie was my deputy dawg.

If Guy had tipped up to the INQ’s seventh birthday party, I’d have been happy to chat to him about my plans – every other hack and hackette there asked me.  Even AMD and Intel know what I’m up to. They just don’t know what shape it will take, or when it will happen.

Heck, even the management at Incisive Media know what I’m up to. I told them way back when.

Even I’ve got a fair idea what I’m up to, it has to be said.  ♥

BOGGARD Guy’s bog is here.

4 responses to “Guy Kewney spins conspiracy theory about INQster

  1. What!?

    You mean you are not fading off into the sunset?

    I think a much better rumour is that you are working undercover for MI6 (or better yet, M9). I hope they have suitably provided with a Lotus Seven.

  2. I asked you what you were up to, you told me, and I’ve still got no idea. Such is the way of the Magee.

    You do say “Freelance!” with some relish on the conference calls, though.

  3. Was out in Bangalore last week. It’s hard to cope with what with avoiding the Pizza Huts, TGI Fridays and that.

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