Daily Archives: March 20, 2008

Sacramento seeks $300,000 worth of Toughbooks

SMUD, which rhymes with FUD but stands for the Sacramento Municipal Utility District, wants you to bid to supply it with $300,000 worth of Toughbook CF-52 laptops and accessories.

You’ve got until the 14th of April to come in with your tender for a blanket purchase order or persuade them that you’ve something better to offer.

 The details are in this devilish document, here. ♣

Intel’s Sean Maloney shows off, er, Via nanobook

A PRESENTATION FROM Intel’s recent analyst meeting had Mr Sean Maloney of this parish showing off the Atom, soon to be the centre of a marketing blitz.

The unfortunate thing is that after dilating on the “new” category of “Netbooks”, Sean proudly showed off a page from Computerwoche on slide 38 of this presentation which seems to be, a er Via Nanobook.

Shorely shome mishtake?♥

Guy Kewney spins conspiracy theory about INQster

AN INQUISITIVE Guy Kewney wants to know what I’m up to and can’t wait to find out. All he needs to do is give me a bell and I’d tell him – we’ve known each other for a long time.

Guy has decided to think the INQster is flattering me as a way of fending off competition in the future. Which assumes that I’m launching Rogister III. Which I’m not.

Guy said he’d talked to “a nervous sounding Inqling” – most probably Paul Hales of that yard, who told me yesterday he’d had a weird phone call from the Kewnster suggesting there were coded messages passing between the INQ and this Volesoft bog.

Heck, I’m still writing stuff for the INQster and for Fudzilla for that matter, and for CPU Magazine in the States.  Here there be no mysteries.

Curiously, I first met Paul Hales on a boat in Marlow along with a geezer called John Barnes when they were both editorial assistants. When I left Incisive at the end of February, my boss was John Barnes and Halesie was my deputy dawg.

If Guy had tipped up to the INQ’s seventh birthday party, I’d have been happy to chat to him about my plans – every other hack and hackette there asked me.  Even AMD and Intel know what I’m up to. They just don’t know what shape it will take, or when it will happen.

Heck, even the management at Incisive Media know what I’m up to. I told them way back when.

Even I’ve got a fair idea what I’m up to, it has to be said.  ♥

BOGGARD Guy’s bog is here.

Intel gives away $1 for virtual sunflower planting

ACCORDING to a bog, Intel will give $1 to the Conservation International Foundation for each virtual sunflower you plant at its Second Wife virtual island.

But Intel is also giving away prizes when you plant a virtual sunflower, said the Cylindrian bog and they’re real ones, not imaginary ones. Gateway is also offering discounts based on this weird idea.♥

Intel Atom chip to cost $44

CHIP FIRM INTEL HAS priced up the  N270 Atom notebook chip, according to Digitimes.

It will cost $44, but the wire didn’t say when the chip will be released. Intel will also introduce two Merom 65 nanometre Montevina Centrino 2 chips at $107 and $86, 2.16GHz and 2GHz models.

Digitimes is here. ♣

Sun man takes over AMD’s marketing

AMD HIRED a Brit who worked at Sun and IBM to oversee its worldwide marketing.

Nigel Dessau was senior vice president of storage at Sun, and before that worked for Storagetek and prior to that IBM.

He’s from Nottingham. He doesn’t appear from his picture to have the flamboyant taste in ties that marked Henri Richard out as a semiconductor peacock.♦