Intel man fiddles with his models

INFORMATION WEEK has a peculiar little article about a bloke at Chipzilla who is experimenting with models – computer models that is.

Apparently Mike Ferron-Jones is manager of Intel’s “Emerging Model Programme” and in this “roll”, as the article puts it, he goes flying down rabbit holes.

He’s not the only Intel employee who dives into holes in the ground. Dr Genevieve Bell told me four years ago that she knows the difference between a snake hole and a lizard hole. This is a useful skill at Intel because you’ve got to know your politics at La Intella to get on. ♥

One response to “Intel man fiddles with his models

  1. Mike Ferron-Jones

    Good to have to you back in the mix, Mike!

    The best part of that headline was being awarded a tiara and “Intel’s Next Top Model” sash at the next staff meeting.


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