Magee is Castor and Spinola is Pollux

PETER “£80” KIRWAN is having a little dig at Andrew Thomas over at his Fullrun thingie.

You can’t read it unless you’re a subscriber, but basically he’s saying that Andrew Thomas has been gainfully [shorely painfully, Ed.]  employed during his life at various PR agencies. That much is true.

However, let us set the record straight. When the INQUIRER was first hastily assembled in April 2001, Mr Andrew Thomas was the first geezer to chip in and contribute articles. And his support was pretty important at a very snaggy time in my life.

Peter Kirwan has found Spinola’s biography on the egregious Linkedin and drawn some conclusions that ain’t entirely fair.

He compares yours truly with “Castor” and his truly with “Pollux”, an unlikely pair of twins that get together in the constellation of Gemini.

This page tells of Macaulay’s Lays of Ancient Rome and of the fact that Castor and Pollux were the offspring of Leda and the Swan, an unlikely tale of divine bestiality.

Peter Kirwan, don’t be beastly! ♥

2 responses to “Magee is Castor and Spinola is Pollux

  1. i think you are an Intel hack.

  2. Who? Mageek?

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