Daily Archives: March 18, 2008

Mumbai Domestic is a nightmare

THE DOMESTIC AIRPORT in Mumbai is quite a little away from the international airport – so there’s a “bus” service to convey the domestics to the elevated world of international.

It takes 36 minutes to arrive, although it’s supposed to run every 10-15 minutes. And when it arrives, it’s manned by a surly lot who seem to spend more time having fun than worrying about passengers.

The airlines do a Pontius Pilate when you talk about this particular debacle – the bus service isn’t run by them they say, as they wash their hands in faux remorse.

Still, this is India, and everything works out in the end despite constant frazzle from some passengers! ♥

Magee is Castor and Spinola is Pollux

PETER “£80” KIRWAN is having a little dig at Andrew Thomas over at his Fullrun thingie.

You can’t read it unless you’re a subscriber, but basically he’s saying that Andrew Thomas has been gainfully [shorely painfully, Ed.]  employed during his life at various PR agencies. That much is true.

However, let us set the record straight. When the INQUIRER was first hastily assembled in April 2001, Mr Andrew Thomas was the first geezer to chip in and contribute articles. And his support was pretty important at a very snaggy time in my life.

Peter Kirwan has found Spinola’s biography on the egregious Linkedin and drawn some conclusions that ain’t entirely fair.

He compares yours truly with “Castor” and his truly with “Pollux”, an unlikely pair of twins that get together in the constellation of Gemini.

This page tells of Macaulay’s Lays of Ancient Rome and of the fact that Castor and Pollux were the offspring of Leda and the Swan, an unlikely tale of divine bestiality.

Peter Kirwan, don’t be beastly! ♥

This Intel tick-tock stuff is doing my brain in

AMONG THE MATERIALS Intel sent for the announcements it made yesterday was one about Quickpath and the first paragraph of this document is truly an outstanding example of marchitecture.

To wit: “Through its rapid ‘tick-tock’ cadence for microprocessor innovation, Intel introdces a new microarchitecture or a new process technology (that includes enhanced microarchitecture features nearly every year.”

When I was a kid, I went to see Peter Pan at an Aberdeen theatre. The scariest character was the crocodile who’d swallowed an alarm clock and also been fed Captain Hook’s hand and lusted for more bits of his body.

Hook always knew when the crocodile was around because of the tick-tock cadence from the alarm clock. Tick-tock is scary because sooner or later we know the alarm will go off and we’ll be woken up from our pleasant slumbers.

It’s also scary because it marks the passing of Time, the most powerful thing in the world, that marks the end of all things, and in the case of us humanoids, the end of our life.

Yeah, this Intel tick-tock marketing metaphor really creeps me out. ♥

Lucent wants $1.99 billion out of Microsoft

PATENTS breached by Microsoft are worth a cool $2 billion in damages, a witness claimed yesterday in fresh Alcatel-Lucent litigation.

According to Bloomberg, the Vole needs to divvy up $1.99 billion for breaching patents used by the Windows Media Player, Vista and the Xbox 360.

Dell, meanwhile, should reach into its purse and pay Alcatel-Lucent a mere $465.6 million.
An expert witness reckoned that the amounts are justified because the patents allegedly breached are based on millions of systems shipped.

The case continueth. ♣