We’re frying out of Bangalore

AT THE DOMESTIC terminal of HAL airport in Bangalore – the airport that was supposed to be doomed but reprieved because the new airport isn’t ready yet.

It isn’t just Bangalore that’s suffering from the SNAFU. Sonia Gandhi opened the new Hyderabad airport last week only for it to close the next day because it wasn’t ready.

One businessmen in Bangalore observed that even if the new airport here gets operational, it will take as long as three to five hours to get there and if you pay by taxi it will cost Rs1,000 – meaning that the bother of getting there will cost more than flights to many spots.

Bangalore HAL now has a problem too, because many of the staff here have been wooed away by the new airport, making things slightly more interesting than before.♣

BOGGARD There’s a wooden statue of Ganesh outside the Karnataka government shop here in Old HAL. We were interested to see how many airport employees took time out to touch the lotus feet of the elephant headed god.

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