Mighty electrical storm hits Ole Bengaluru

THE SKY SIZZLED with electrical charges, the rainclouds were the colour of Mahakali and as sure as eggs is eggs, the deluge followed close after.

The lightning in the sky was followed by a pounding of water which left the streets like rivers and the flyovers clogged with cars. The bougainvillea bathed in the torrents while the tamarind flowers and pods fell, helpless against the gathering storm. [That’s enough of that, Ed.]

One local observed that it was Bangalore’s welcome for its foreign visitors, creating a son et lumiere that the local council wouldn’t have been able to sustain.

I reached for my bottle of Haywards 5000 extra strong beer, but even then the spate continued, with a constant hammering in my ears. [Er, that was the builders outside your hotel room you old fule, Ed.]

It pelted down cats and dogs and [I said that was enough, Ed. Oh, er, I’m the Ed. Ed.] ♥

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