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Prosecutors “made things up” to satisfy computer

TORY FRONT BENCH spokeslass Theresa May said that we’re reaching a 1984 situation in Blighty, after it emerged Crown Prosecution officials had to put incorrect data into the computer system they use to satisfy its maw.

It is cloud cuckoo land, obviously. And we got to the 1984 situation years back when.

The real problem is that computers are the biggest hazard to civil liberty and Jobsworthism on the planet, and putting them in the hands of inexperienced civil servants and politicians poses a real danger to us all.

Apart from not really understanding computers, horrid applications like Powerpointless just serve to waste time, money and energy. Where is it all going to end?♥

Intel quad core “Extreme” notebook chips loom

IF ONE CPU core isn’t enough for you, Intel is readying a notebook chip called the Core 2 Extreme QX9300 in Q3, said Digitimes.

Anything with the word Extreme in it makes us nervous – whether it be Extreme Cold, Extreme Heat, or Extreme Ice Cream.

Digitimes reckons the chip will clock at 2.53GHz, have 12MB of cache memory and will cost a hefty $1,000 plus, if you buy more than a thousand.♦

Battery shortage means Asus EEE woes

ASUS is having trouble shipping more EEE PCs because batteries for the unit are in short supply.

 The firm told the Taipei Times that a fire in an LG factory would mean that even though it will ship five million of the units this year, it won’t be able to expand into other markets.

In June it will introduce an EEE PC with a larger, 8.9-inch screen and which will come with a choice of Linux or Windows XP.


Asustek is putting its bets on India as a future area for growth and has set up a Mumbai office with over 100 people, said the Taipei Times.

Old traffic meets new in Karnataka

AH FOR THE OPEN road. Pictured here first is a Bangalore street in Koramangala, showing that the going isn’t easy at 10AM in the morning.

A few minutes later, the nearside lane will resemble the farside lane. Ah what joy!

Then below this there is an old method of transportation when Shiva goes for an outing at the Agastya temple not far from Mysore.

This chariot is at the Agasthyeshvara Temple in Tirumakudlu Narasipura, where the three rivers, the Kauveri, the Kabini and the legendary Spharitika Sarovara unite.  ♥



Vole screws up on home front

A PIECE at an Anandtech bog describes a series of problems with Microsoft Windows Home Server (WHS) which the Vole has finally fessed up to.

Server shares are corrupted, which in anyone’s book is a pretty immense SNAFU.

The bug is to do with the Drive Extender technology. Ryan puts it at something more than a bug. It’s a fundamental problem. More here. ♣

Chips help stamp out bear market

BEARS MADE to dance in North Karnataka are to be fitted with microchips in a bid to restore them to a natural way of life.

According to the Bangalore edition of the Times of India, wild park rangers have so far chipped up 60 sloth bears which are in the custody of Kalandhars, a familial group which has traditionally supervised the bear gigs.

The bears will be returned to their natural habitat, while the Kalandhars are being given schools and craft training centres to make up for the shortfall in their incomes.

The chips are injected into the bears’ necks and include a 15-digit code number. ♥

Intel readies WiMAX chips, but where the heck is WiMAX?

INTEL’S next gen Montevina chipset supports WiMAX, which is all fine and dandy, but where the heck are such networks being deployed?

Word on the street is that Lenovo and other notebook vendors are creating notebooks labelled “WiMAX ready”, but we know what that ready word means.

It means the chipsets might be ready, the notebooks might be ready, but the world is waiting for the little WiMAX lightbulb to go ping.

When Intel was busy hyping WiMAX we were told that we’d see widespread implementations by 2007 but if they are spread, they’re spread very sparsely indeed.

This must be making equipment vendors like Huawei engage in a widespread orgy of hand rubbing – it is pushing IELTS while we all wait for these metropolitan wide WiMAX networks.

Next time an assistant sells you a notebook that is said to be WiMAX capable, just make sure you ask him or her what WiMAX is, what IELTS is and when you can start smurfing the web happily almost everywhere.

Only do that if you are a schadenfreudista – otherwise show compassion for people everywhere, OK?♣