Daily Archives: March 13, 2008

Consult the (C)oracle before your wedding

HERE IN DELIBERATELY promiscuous order are photos of the Lalita Mahal in Mysore, where I stayed last night, a wedding at a Shaivite temple next to a river where people fish and cross using large coracles, and a picture of a Keshava temple.

Sadly, the Lalita Mahal contained several examples of stuffed Indian lions which a previous maharaj had “bagged”.  We like Lalita. These lions are found near Girnar, in Gujarat, which is now a reserve, thanks goodness.

The Lalita Mahal is not as expensive as you might think, because it’s run by the Indian government. It has a lovely decayed feel to it. We fended off various vendors offering massages, rugs, sandalwood objects and the like, and made for the billiard room and bar, where we seemed to be the only guests.

Hic! ♥

Western Digital offers MyBook prizes

SPIN OVER here, and you’ll see that Western Digital has started a competition called My Book.

This is essentially a paperbook sized unit so you can slot all the garbage, sorry good stuff on your bookshelf for (relative) posterity.

You can win t-shirts too. Oh sheesh. ♣

Nvidia’s back is against the wall

AMD, according to reliable sources, is preparing some shock treatment for Nvidia on the graphics front later this year.

But the same sources reckon that it will be earlier rather than later, pushing Nvidia to the limits. We’d say that Nvidia is a little like Intel in that it performs better when it’s under pressure rather than AMD, which always seems to start misfiring when things don’t go exactly right.

The word is the AMD strategy is something to do with codename Thunder. But don’t be surprised if Nvidia has something up its corporate sleevies too.  Because we suspect it has. ♣