Daily Archives: March 11, 2008

AMD poaches Dell man to supply information

CHIP FIRM AMD said it has hired the VP of IT away from Dell to act as its chief information officer.

Ahmed Mahmoud had soldiered in the information pit at Dell for 13 no doubt long years.

The Dark Mayor, AMD’s president and COO, said they needed a man of Mahmoud’s experience to scale their infrastructure. AMD uses its own technology to run its IT infrastructure, he said.

That wasn’t always the case. When Dresden first opened there were Intel and Sun machines everywhere. Wonder if the lads are still on allocation for their Barcelonas? ♣

Dell shuts R&D shop in Old Bangalore

INDIAN BIZ newspaper Mint reports that Dell has shut down its R&D centre in Bangalore and moved whatever was being done there to Taiwan and to Texas.Local manager of Dell India seems to be contradicting this in the same report. He claims Dell will hire an additional engineers and product development people by the end of this year.

That fact is part of a report suggesting that US corporations will be cautious about spending money on IT given the state of the economy.

It quotes Indian firm Tata as saying that its consultancy services have already started feeling the pain and two its top 15 US clients have drawn back on orders.

But if Dell is withdrawing, IBM is throwing more energy into India. It’s already committed to spending $6 billion over the next three years. ♣

* This below is part of Dell’s sprawling complex in Bangalore. The script is Dell’s logo in Kannada, the local lingo.