Daily Archives: March 5, 2008

Vast number of phones go missing in Gaucholand

A TRUCKLOAD of mobile telephones were nicked right under the eyes of customs folk at Buenos Aires airport, it has transpired.

Famous bog, The Spirit of Discordance reports that the phones belonged to a geezer called Carlos Slim, a Mexican chap.

The telephones were nicked at gunpoint by a so-far unnamed gang which was rich enough to own three cars and presumably had expensive guns too.

The phones are reputed to be worth $800,000, says the Spirit, which is quite a lot of money. ♣

February was busting out all over

THE SOLAR panels on the roof didn’t disappoint in February.  They belted out a heap of electricity – or bijli as we prefer – despite this month being as dour as an Aberdonian when he’s forced to shell out a shilling for the toilet.

Aye, it’s true there were some days where Mr Sun hardly had a chance to see the wood for the trees, but the golden thing in the sun continues to shine and if it does, the panels pick up on it, no problem at all.

We wonder, however, whether there would be any chance of amortisation without government grants to speed the Kyoceras and Sanyos of this world on their way.

Although we’re not against pigeons, like London mayor Ken Livingstone, we also wonder how to clean the doodoo off array number one of 15 without climbing on the roof and risking life and limb or using catapults loaded with lumps of bread so they roost somewhere else.

The preferred method is little spikes so the rock pigeons feel unsafe when they alight.  ♥


Semi industry has $3 billion of excess stock

MARKET RESEARCH FIRM Isuppli reckons there’s over $3 billion worth of excess inventory – that is to stay unsold stocks – swilling around in various factories and warehouses worldwide.
That’s not as bad as the $6 billion plus lying around in the first Q of 2006, but it’s certainly not good news for the semi industry.
The fab folk, reckoned Isuppli, are doing more to control that, this quarter, by cutting down on expansion and controlling costs and production.
As usual, the semi industry is a matter of oversupply or undersupply – a problem all factories and fabs have, depending on demand.
The industry is now apparently happy with a CAGR of seven per cent, rather than the 27 per cent CAGR it enjoyed 20 years ago.
The analysts from Isuppli reckon that revenue will decline by 7.5 per cent, compared to Q4 of last year. They have consulted their crystal balls, and reckon the second quarter will somewhat mitigate Q1’s slowness.
Still, you can imagine the salesmen gazing at a pile of chips that haven’t yet found a place in the sun and wondering about their bonuses. ♦

Air miles good for absolutely nothing

I’M FLYING out to Bengaluru this weekend, so thought I would try and use my Virgin miles to make things a little easier.
Fat chance. Spending the miles I’ve got is not easy. The airlines seem to have got themselves into a total spin and have forgotten that the purpose of these schemes is to keep customers loyal. Not frustrate us.
Far as I can see, to spend some of these miles the easiest thing to do is call the Virgin people and get hundreds of vouchers for Virgin wine – which I don’t really want.
There’s probably some kind of rule that prevents you doing that as well. What’s the point of accumulating miles if the airlines put every difficulty in your way in spending them?