Monthly Archives: April 2012

These are the 10 reasons I have “deactivated” myself from Facebook

REASON ONE: Defacebook Timeline
REASON TWO: Databases I don’t wish to belong to
La Honda
Larry Ellison
Ray Lane
REASON SIX: Faux Buddhism

[That's enough reasons. Ed.]


The perfect combo of mugs

FROM RIGHT to left: Talisker hip flask, Microsoft OS/2, Itanium mug, Pentium 4 mug, Merced (Itanium) mug.♥

Bhutanese flags join my rural idyll

YESTERDAY I got a mysterious package in the post – it contained two Bhutanese flags and a lovely little card from Jenny. The first flags are now fluttering in Mill Street, Oxford, as you can see here. ♥

Mill Street

ChannelBiz is here

I STARTED editing ChannelBiz a few weeks ago – TechEye continues…

This bird is something else

I BOUGHT THIS PAGE in Jaipur. I’d love to know what the Urdu says – I can’t read the script. Anyone know?